Brand New 30,000 SF Prefabrication facility in St. Louis

At more than 3,000 pounds and 70 feet long, the underground conduit rack installed at a massive Omaha, Nebraska, data center reflects the growing prefabrication proficiencies of PayneCrest Electric, Inc. And now PayneCrest has a new 30,000-square-foot prefabrication facility near its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

The multi-million dollar facility unites PayneCrest’s 30-person engineering team with its prefabrication operation.

Founded in 1954, PayneCrest engineers and installs highly complex electrical and communications technology infrastructure and systems. The firm serves commercial, industrial/process, automotive, data center, petrochemical and power industries, including renewable energy, for a local and national clientele.

At a Washington University project in St. Louis, Paynecrest has cut, bent and assembled 50,000 pounds and 20 miles conduit in its prefabrication shop for installation in the field.

Located at 10630 Midwest Industrial Drive, the facility supports any precision electrical and communications infrastructure need. That includes pre-wired modular units, large underground feeder conduit racks, branch feeder racks, temporary power carts and specialized installations for labs, data centers and industrial projects. It features precision cutting, welding and conduit bending aligned to engineering specifications.

PayneCrest Prefabrication Manager Jim Glen noted that one such prefabrication solution for a pharmaceutical client was to create 165 pre-wired and fully integrated modular lab benches, some up to 40-feet long, that were lifted in place by crane and slid in floor by floor.

PayneCrest is leveraging its prefabrication services for a number of projects, including an array of complex electrical installations for Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook), Washington University, Pfizer, General Motors, Centene, Boeing and a host of large solar field projects throughout the country.

May 6, 2022