Adding Value with Creative Expertise and Technology

After decades of successfully delivering complex retrofits for advanced manufacturing facilities, our pre-fabrication shop is the best in the industry with lean methodology that creates continuous process improvements.

It is used for conduit bending, rough-in products, strut assemblies, switchgear preparation, wire bundling, welding, painting and customizing any installation. Our pre-fabrication services ensure higher quality, improve productivity, safety, and supply chain management and delivers optimal pre-planning value through the precision technology of BIM and 3D modeling.

  • "With phased occupancy planned, PayneCrest anticipated challenges and developed thoughtful solutions, including pre-planning wire runs for electrical and voice, data and video installations."

    -- Vincent Nutt, Project Manager, Design & Construction (BJC Healthcare)

  • "PayneCrest's pre-planning of material delivery and each day's work kept the project on schedule despite the extremely tight site on which the [project] was built."

    -- Steven Sobo, Director of Capital Projects (Washington University School of Medicine)

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