Design / Build

No Surprises Construction Planning

PayneCrest has earned numerous awards for its design/build and design/assist skills.

When brought in on the front end of project planning, PayneCrest can bring its engineering solutions to bear on every facet of design, heading off potential conflicts and constructability issues while delivering optimal functionality. With the design/assist prowess to finish incomplete plans, we can leverage our experience in resolving numerous industrial and commercial challenges to deliver on all customer expectations.

  • “PayneCrest demonstrated a dedication to service that made this project a success, and has led the County to consider more design/build opportunities for the future.”

    Justin A. Ryder, Resident Engineer, St. Louis County

  • “Design/assist put enormous responsibilities on PayneCrest, which overcame every challenge through foresight and a dedication to ensuring project success.”

    Ryan Taylor, Project Director, Clayco, Inc.

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