Solutions for Traditional and Renewal Energy

PayneCrest’s award-winning work has benefited both traditional and renewable forms of power generation.

Our national practice encompasses building new power plants, environmental retrofits and other upgrades. We perform design/build, design/assist on all sizes of projects and deliver engineering expertise and proficiently manage electricians to produce safe and reliable power generation.

  • "PayneCrest demonstrated strong organizational and problem-solving skills throughout [the project]. By developing a huge database of material and assignments, PayneCrest overcame a six-week lag in the schedule. Ultimately, they made up 10 weeks to ensure scheduled outages could be performed on time."

    -- Arthur Rentzsch, Project Manager (American Electric Power)
  • At Labadie, PayneCrest’s experience was invaluable especially in uncovering and adapting to a number of unknowns in the aging infrastructure.

    Craig Huitt, PE PMP, Electrical Consulting Engineer, Ameren -- MO Electric Design –

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