We Get It!

You want dependable award-winning performance built on thoughtful solutions and understanding customer needs. You want the most trusted electrical contractor – the best choice for the toughest, most complex projects.

That’s PayneCrest.

Passionate Employees

We fully leverage the passion of our employees to benefit our customers. We provide them with the resources they need to succeed.We trust them to make the right decisions.We support each other and hold each other accountable.

And we reward and recognize success.

Wired to Succeed

Skilled labor is our equal partner on projects. We manage their work to deliver optimal performance. Our engineers design for simplicity and productivity. This results in a collaborative approach that “out thinks” our competitors and maximizes value for our customers.

Customer Centered

We place the highest value on customer satisfaction. There are no surprises with PayneCrest. We’re easy to do business with. And when risk is high, we are the “go to” company. We don’t disappoint.

“I’ve never been associated with a better or more qualified contractor than PayneCrest”

- GERALD GROLL, Electrical Construction Manager, Buzzi Unicem USA