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Boeing Hush House

St. Louis, MO

The roar of jet engines is muffled in Boeing’s highly sophisticated hush house where the power and efficiency of F-18 Hornets are tested.  PayneCrest has engineered and built specialized electrical and communication infrastructure to help put the F-18 through its paces.

Project Highlights

  • Explosion- and vibration-proof electrical and communications infrastructure, including military-grade fasteners to secure specialized fixtures to withstand the brutal engine forces
  • Specialized infrastructure to withstand 2,000 degree heat from jet engine testing
  • Powering and monitoring airflow for venting the hush house facility.
  • Converted electrical from 60 Hertz to the 400 Hertz required for aircraft testing
  • Heat traces on 90-ton doors to keep door tracks free of ice/snow.
  • Upgraded underground utilities including 480- and 4,160-volt duct banks and countless conduits for specialized alarm, communication and lighting systems.
  • Met stringent quality control, record keeping, safety and security standards by Boeing and the U.S. Department of Defense.