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PyraMax Ceramics Proppant Plant

Wrens, GA

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PayneCrest’s proficiencies in elevating the skills of a workforce and overcoming challenges helped earn it AGC Keystone Award honors for its work on the PyraMax Ceramics Proppant Plant. The challenging project in which electrical installations outpaced steel erection created a plant that mines kaolin clay to manufacture tiny ceramic pellets used in fracture drilling operations.


Miles of wiring


Programmable logic controllers for 3,000+ instruments


Feet of conduit


Electrical terminations


Feet of cable tray

Project Image
Project Image

Project Highlights

  • Raised the quality of work by an under skilled local workforce of 130 electricians
  • 700-plus complex electrical drawings facilitated efficient installations, producing optimal plant functionality
  • 130,000-plus manhours with no lost-time injuries.
  • Intense OSHA & MSHA compliance with more than more than 30 on-site inspections over an 18-month period.
  • Installed feeders from eight 1.5 megawatt (MW) transformers for eight 2,000 amp switchboards powering 17 controls for nearly 400 motors and variable frequency drives 
  • Overcame a potential two-month delay due to lagging steel erection by strategically sequencing electrical installations.
  • Powered three main electrical rooms and installed fire alarm, a fiber optic backbone, lighting and a backup generator
  • Supplied with drawings of minimal detail, PayneCrest planned and integrated systems from multiple international vendors.
  • Coordinated with multiple trades for a flawless check-out, start up and commissioning 

I cant think of a project where electrical installations had to outpace the structural steel construction, but PayneCrest met the challenge with thoughtful solutions. 

— Gus Brooks, senior project manager, Clark Nexsen