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Monsanto Greenhouses

Chesterfield, MO

Growing Plant Research

PayneCrest teamed up with Alberici to deliver all electrical work for the Greenhouse/Headhouse component of Monsanto’s Phase I Expansion of the Chesterfield Village Research Center. The expansion added more than 590,000 square feet to the existing facility, including a conference center, research building, 36 additional greenhouses, 13 Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) rooms and 250 additional labs.


Square feet of new greenhouse and 30,000 square feet of headhouse powered


New 2.25MW (2250kW) generators installed, doubling the capacity of the existing medium voltage substation


Trapeze hangers and Unistrut frames for 72 greenhouse control panels

Project Image
Project Image

Project Highlights

  • Expansion of the existing electrical substation and campus electrical distribution
  • Kitting of raceway system and supports for individual greenhouses, transformer and greenhouse fan prep
  • Extensive pre-fabrication to facilitate efficiency and safety of installations