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Monsanto/Bayer Greenhouses

Chesterfield, MO

Keeping the Monsanto/Bayer Greenhouses Green

Each of the 26 greenhouse remodeled by PayneCrest was an individual research lab, requiring specialized infrastructure that would support and not compromise the integrity of research. With extremely limited space and a mandate to avoid shading plants with electrical infrastructure, PayneCrest created, tested and refined mock ups to guide pre-fabrication and installation with extraordinary precision, delivering on all expectations.  The project was named a 2019 AGC Keystone Award finalist.


feet of wire/cable


power/control panels








plant grow lights

Project Highlights

  • Engineered and installed a robust/highly complex electrical infrastructure in 26 tiny greenhouses without impeding sunlight or other climate controls necessary for plant R&D.
  • Highly collaborative upfront precision design, including testing and retesting mock ups to ensure specifications were met on greenhouse environmental needs.
  • Trimmed 8% on the budget and 30% on schedule.
  • Safely and efficiently worked with and support other trades as needed on extremely tight sites to advance the accelerated schedule.
  • Managed more than 21,000 manhours with no recordable injuries.
  • Overcame the impact of unforeseen asbestos issues by reworking the schedule halfway through the project.
  • Performed all work without disrupting existing research operations by meticulously planning off-hours power shutdowns to tie in new systems.