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GM Wentzville

Wentzville, MO

Expanding the Success

The General Motors Plant in Wentzville, MO required a series of expansions and upgrades to meet the growing need for a higher volume of automobile production from their facility.

Project Image
Project Image

Project Highlights

PayneCrest has been tasked with a number of large projects over the years to expand the existing plant to increase production capability and flexibility, including:

  • Installing six prefabricated electrical/mechanical rooms, new 1200A feeder, and multiple tie-in points to the existing facility.
  • Designed a new cable tray system for feeds to new and relocated tooling equipment cells,
  • Replaced more than 100 existing paint and sealer robots as well as the paint communication network and I/O racks in all of the existing Air Supply Houses and Ovens,
  • Installed a new conveyor in the Body Shop building expansion for three new sealer zones.