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Flint Creek Environmental Retrofit

Flint Creek, AR

Meeting Cleaner Power Mandates

When PayneCrest received this environmental retrofit assignment, the project was already six weeks behind schedule. PayneCrest not only made up that lost time, but trimmed an additional four weeks off the schedule in delivering cleaner power for American Electric Power Corporation’s Flint Creek Power Plant. Its work included integrating electrical installations for an NID Dry Flue Gas Desulphurization (DFDG) System and an Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) system to meet environmental regulations. The project earned PayneCrest an AGC Keystone Award.

1.3 M

Feet of cable


Feet of conduit


Verified cable terminations


Feet of cable tray

Project Image
Project Image

Project Highlights

  • Creatively made up 10 weeks on the schedule avoiding delays that would cost the owner $800,000 per day in energy revenue
  • Produced significant functionality improvements and resolved 850-plus conflicts
  • 205,000 manhours without a recordable injury
  • Utilized prefabrication to safely speed installations, reducing work that would have taken up to five hours to 15-minute assignments 
  • Maximized productivity, professionalism and accountability, earning a spotlight by Electric TV as a model of teamwork
  • Flawless project commissioning score
  • Data base created 30,000-plus pages of accountability on materials and productivity to AEP


By developing a huge data base of materials and assignments, PayneCrest overcame a six-week lag in the schedule. Ultimately they made up 10 weeks on the schedule to ensure scheduled outages could be performed on time.

Arthur W. Rentzsch, PE, PSP, CCP, PMP, Project Manager, AEP