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ConocoPhillips Coker and Refinery Expansion (CORE)

Roxana, IL

Answering the Call for Help.

PayneCrest earned an AGC Keystone Award for its work on the ConocoPhillips (now the Wood River Refinery) Coker and Refinery Expansion (CORE). The project demonstrated PayneCrest’s abilities to effectively drive momentum on an extremely complex project by proficiently delivering an ever-expanding scope of work. PayneCrest was initially engaged on a limited scale, but its reliability earned it additional assignments to help the construction team catch up on milestones and deliver the highest quality possible. Its work encompassed the coker plant and associated systems, several large substations, the new coke handling system, the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), and several auxiliary systems, including a large heat trace project that encompassed the entire Wood River Refinery site.


Feet of cabling


Electrical terminations


Increase in refinery capacity to 220,000 barrels per day


Feet of conduit


Light fixtures

Project Highlights

  • Advanced several hundred schedule milestones that helped the entire team catch up on lagging assignments.
  • Proficiently managed more than 275 electricians by improving sequencing and execution of installations
  • Efficiently inventoried materials, purchased by others and stored on site, and sped deployment to the workforce for efficient and accurate installation. 
  • Strategically managed a seven-day-a-week, dual ten-hour work shifts without compromising budget. 
  • Adapted installations to the special needs of the refinery, including the expansion and contraction of coker silos. 
  • Managing 400,000 man-hours and innumerable hazards inherent to refinery construction with only one injury. 
  • Delivered installations without disrupting the plants on-going operating systems
  • Complying with the sites designation as a Homeland security site.
  • 50,000+ electrical terminations
  • 25,000 feet of conduit
  • 550 light fixtures


“PayneCrest developed well-conceived solutions that allowed the project to recover schedule benchmarks, helping to improve the overall construction schedule.”

— Stan Hudson, ConocoPhillips, CORE project construction manager.