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Ameren Taum Sauk

Middle Brook, MO

Modernizing Power.

PayneCrest earned AGC Keystone Award honors for modernizing a 45-year-old hydroelectric plant with intense safety requirements in an eight-month schedule. Working at the foot and summit of a 1,500-foot mountain, PayneCrest created a more efficient hydroelectric plant that supplies power for 250,000 homes during peak hours.

“The Taum Sauk hydroelectric plant is an extraordinary engineering feat – one that PayneCrest helped make successful despite innumerable challenges.” — Robert Ferguson, Ameren UE, Managing Supervisor Project Engineering


Feet of power and control cable


Feet of new and reused conduit


Feet of new and reused cable tray


Wire terminations

Project Image
Project Image

Project Highlights

  • Optimized all new electrical and control systems including 4,160 volt switchgear, 480 volt switchgear, motor control center and more.
  • Managed manpower, lodging, material delivery and installation on a remote and constricted site embedded in a rugged topography.
  • Sustained project momentum by advancing in-progress design plans and optimizing resources.
  • Complied with an array of state/federal agency regulatory standards
  • Integrated multiple-sourced engineering specifications from international vendors
  • Integrated a digital control system into plant operations, including redundant safety/warning/control systems.
  • Advanced project milestones in tandem with on-going project commissioning requirements.