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Ameren Labadie Fly Ash Facility

Labadie, Mo.

Design/Build Detective Work

Ameren turned to PayneCrest’s design/build skills to develop a reliable solution to treat and dispose of Labadie Power Plant fly ash to meet new EPA standards. PayneCrest leveraged its vast experience with power facilities to create new silo storage facilities with highly complex process controls to treat fly ash for transport to alternate EPA-approved disposal sites. The project entailed considerable detective work to identify and modify the more than 40-year-old infrastructure, much of it unknown, and integrate it with 21st century electrical infrastructure. The project was named a finalist in the 2019 AGC Keystone Awards.


feet of wire




feet of conduit

Project Highlights

  • Overcame great unknowns in the plant’s 40+ year old infrastructure to engineer, install and integrate new infrastructure with old systems.
  • Initiated work in the dead of winter and efficiently advanced an uncompromising schedule and budget without disrupting the 2,389 megawatt power plant, Ameren’s largest.
  • Optimized worker productivity and managed complex work safety issues in the highly congested silos buzzing with workers of other trades. There were no recordable injuries for the entire 150,000 manhours on the project.
  • Improved constructability to optimize functionality and ensured flawless commissioning meeting intense standards of Ameren, state & federal EPA and the general contractor