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Alliant Energy Edgewater Environmental Upgrade (AQCS)  

PayneCrest’s experience is proving invaluable to a joint venture team helping Wisconsin Power and Light, a unit of U.S. power company Alliant Energy Corp, comply with stricter emission standards.  PayneCrest is supplying constructability reviews and value engineering solutions to upgrades at Unit 5 of the Edgewater coal-fired power plant in Sheboygan, Wis.  Work on the 30-year-old, 407-megawatt (MW) unit entails installing a scrubber and bag house system to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by about 90 percent and significantly reduce fine particulate matter. 

PayneCrest was responsible for installing all power, controls and instrumentation. It initiated its work by precisely planning and executing an eight-week shutdown to upgrade medium voltage switchgear to provide more reliable power to the scrubbers.  Among the challenges overcome was the installation of a new duct bank adjacent to the plant’s switchyard.  To avoid damaging underground infrastructure, PayneCrest used a hydrovac instead of a backhoe to create the duct bank pathway. 

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Sheboygan, WI

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