Data Center  

PayneCrest has excelled at mastering the complexities of data center infrastructures on both large and small scales. We place great emphasis on the relationship of our suppliers and partners, and are therefore able to offer custom solutions to reliably and cost effectively store, protect and transfer data based on customers’ distinct business needs and requirements. Recently Completed Data Center Projects Include: AG Edwards Headquarters Data Center BJC Primary Data Center Alberici Headquarters Data Center Anheuser-Busch InBev Tech Center Anheuser-Busch Campus Boeing F-18 Data/Tech Center Boeing/IBM Global Data Center Citi Mortgage Call/Data Center Express Scripts Data Center KV Pharmaceutical EC-1 Data Center KV Pharmaceutical EC-4 Data Center SBC Regional Data Center SLN2-F Data Center SLU Research & Data Center St. Louis University East-West Campus Connection Tarlton Construction Headquarters Data Center Thomson Reuters Data Center Xiolink