Meet Jacob | Employee Spotlight

Meet Jacob Hunter, Project Engineer at PayneCrest Electric. Jacob recently came onboard as a key member of our engineering team out of St. Louis, MO, after completing his internship with the company.


1. What is your favorite quote to live by? “You gotta keep on keepin’ on” –Joe Dirt.

The quote is definitely goofy but I love that general demeanor of keeping your head up and looking on the good side of everything in life.

2. What excites you most about your position as a Project Engineer?I really enjoy the new opportunities to learn and grow in my career. I have an incredible opportunity to learn as much as I want about so many aspects of the electrical subcontracting business, from the people at PCE. Everyone continues to provide challenges for me on a daily basis so that I can keep moving forward to further my knowledge and experience in the industry.

3. Describe your daily work routine? I typically have a very fluid work day that includes contacting vendors, working on site plans, helping to manage the site finances, coordinate with the field crew, and try to make it out to the job-site once a day to get a firsthand look at the progress I am helping get put into place

4. Provide one fun fact about yourself that others may be surprised to know.   During my time at college, I took a class on how to make fireworks. At the end of the class I made a show-quality 5 inch mortar shell completely from scratch including all of the stars that make color streaks in the air.


5. What do you like most about PayneCrest Electric so far? I like that everyone is a “go-getter” and nobody is content with staying the same. Everyone wants to improve in all aspects of their job and stay hungry to get that next really cool project.

Everyone also pushes themselves to do something that has never been done before.

It is very motivating as a new hire to know that I have surrounded myself with people that have the same competitive spirit as I do.

August 18, 2020