PayneCrest Electric and Communications strictly adheres to the National Electrical Code in all of its designs and installations. The construction buyer should be aware of some of the more significant changes to the code in 2014 that PayneCrest will follow to ensure safe and quality installations. They include:

Switchgear, Panelboards and Switchboards

Additional caution markings are now required for switchgear, panelboards and switchboards that are used with high-impedance grounded neutral systems, ungrounded direct currant systems and resistance grounded direct current systems. (Section 408.3(F)(3), (4), (5))


Additional warning signage is required to alert of the possibility of contacts with equipment being energized by backfeed (Section 490.25)

Dry-Type Transformer Enclosures

There are now specific requirements for grounding and bonding connection in transformer enclosures. (Section 450.10 (A))

Please check back periodically to this blog for more insights on code changes that could impact your project.

February 20, 2014